My muse is dead. Tell me how yours is dealing with it.



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purifiedvengeance asked:
"Hey kid. I got a quick question."



"I may have a quick answer"

"I certainly hope so." Lucian responded as he knelt down to be at eye level with the girl. He held out a small box to her. "Tell me if you like these."

The girl snatches the box from him and opens it.

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purifiedvengeance asked:
"Hey kid. I got a quick question."

"I may have a quick answer"

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IMO. the whole ‘married to the mun’ thing is stupid.

/end MO

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Putting his free hand on a tree to help hold himself up from collapsing, Hecarim, to his surprise, was tired. All the Summoning had drained the majority of his power. His blue ethereal flames were dimmed down, giving off less light than usual.

"Hrghhh…This is upsetting. And completely embarrassing." He spoke to himself aloud. "I am beginning to regret this."

Esmirie has a pretty little light in her hand, the looks of it shows it was a soul of a mortal she had caught. She looks down from him to the soul then back up at Hecarim. “… Here, you need this more then I do uncle Hecarim…” She holds it up to him

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I really wanna rp with FNAF blogs, but 2spoopy4me

aka; im nervous



"I-I want my daddy"

He is your daddy and he is like yours no?

"W-… what?"

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"I-I want my daddy"

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Oops, I arted. This is my Troll from WoW.. 

I have too much fun drawing her