You know. I would like one thing to come with my garrison.

Mannequins/Weapon racks. I mean, I’m sure people already brought this up but… It would be hella cool to put my mog items or my weapons on display so anyone visiting could see them and I’ll be all like

"Yea. See that? I got that."

Like.. Legendary items and what not! Because ffs I worked so hard on getting my cloak. But its a legendary so I cant mog any of my items to look like it and it will be obsolete in WoD.. so why not put it on display instead of collecting dust in my bank or void storage?

food for thought



Well, someone had to do it.


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"What is love exactly? Is a mix between hate, pain, enjoy and hopes."

"What is love, baby dont hurt me, no more?"

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I failed you daddy… I sorry.


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"Who pooped in Draven’s cheerios tonight…?

He’s all grumpy and stuff.”

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"No… no. It’s not."


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Illidan concluded that the creature before he was of no threat to him,  so he decided to humor her. ” Very well then, if I am a bird what are you?” He asks.

"I’m spoopy ghosty! Awwwrrr" she makes playful clawing gestures at him as her red aura flares brightly in her excitement "Youre a weird birb.. I like you. Youre my new friend now." she snatches his hand and tries to drag him away "c’mon, lets find my sister, wes gonna make soft tacos for dinner tonight."

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”..Is Snoop Dog, Nasus’ nickname..? Cos hes a doggie and all..”

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"And you reek of death and dark magic.  But seriously you think I’m a bird I don’t even have  beak." Illidan observed the child before him practically glowing in his magical sight.

"I smell like death cos I got hugged by Uncle Yorick!

The dark magic part is cos I one of the stupid Necromancers fell on me, now I’m all smelly..

and ofcourse youre a birb! You gots wings, like Kayle, Morgana, Anivia, Aatrox… Uhhh… Valor and Quiiiiinnn” she nods in affirmation, like she was convinced he was a bird.

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"Ahhh! A big and spoopy birdy with horns.. and hooves…? Youre a weird birdy."

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