by Cassio Yoshiyaki.

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daughterofchains asked:
Mister Aatrox is really pretty.


"I say the same for Esmirie."

"I wanna be pretty like you! With wings and horns and stuff!~"

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is he really back…?


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Ok, the lich and the wraith child are going to be placed in their rooms, mun is tired. laaaaterrrr


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Kaboom mind blown


//You’ve all heard the Thresh theme song right? The one he had at the login screen? (I turned mine off too creepy XD) Well listen to the voice. It is a group of children/a child with distortion. Imagine Thresh looking for victims and Esmirie is just happily skipping along beside him and singing this.



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oren-the-arachnidan-brigand asked:
He approached Esmirie from behind then covered her eye sockets with his hands, "Guess who?"

Esmirie sits there, deadpanned as she stares into the palm of his hand “… stupid face?”

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Anonymous asked:
*scratches behind her... ear...?*

Esmirie has no ears, but she allows said Anon to pet her head, thus making her a happy girl.

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…So far…it appears many are interested in…tasting my body fluids…

"No. Just the pretty light thats supposed to be in your chest. Silly angels thinkin’ wes like Zambies.."

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Anonymous asked:
How tall is Esmirie?

//Adult esmirie is really fricken tall. like. 6’4”

but her child self is currently 4’2”

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